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great classic movies

This is me!

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Anonymous sussurrou no meu ouvido: "what do u use to edit yourpictures"

i use Photoshop CS5

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Anonymous sussurrou no meu ouvido: "do u have a tags page"

i have pages for the pictures tagged with “oscar winners” and “quotes”

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waltandmickey sussurrou no meu ouvido: "Page 3 and 4 does not work"

that’s because the amount of pictures i posted doesn’t reach those pages :)

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Laurance Olivier (1907-1989)

Watch him in Wuthering Heights (1939), directed by William Wyler

Anonymous sussurrou no meu ouvido: "hola, ¿dónde estas estudiando cine? estoy interesándome en estudios de documentales y me da curiosidad donde hay un buen lugar de estudio en argentina. saludos!"

Hola! Yo estoy estudiando en la escuela de Eliseo Subiela que es muy buena, igualmente la mejor universidad de cine del país es la Enerc, pero tiene exámenes de ingreso y sólo entran 10 personas por año en cada especialidad. Espero haberte ayudado :)

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James Dean <3

James Dean <3

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

the lights go down and it's you that comes in my mind.

Hi! My name is Sol and i'm 18. I'm from Argentina but i'll be writing in english so this blog could reach more people, so excuse me if i make some mistakes (blame the google translator lol). I'm studying film direction and also history of motion pictures. You can ask me if you have any question. Everything i post here is edited by me. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as i do :)  Movie Fan(s)
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